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Pneumatic Ball Valve

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  • Pneumatic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve
There are two types for ball valve’s pneumatic actuator,
one is GT series: single-acting actuator
another is AT series: double-acting actuator

GT series valve pneumatic actuator, for remote centralized or separate control of industrial automatic pipelines, powered by compressed air, is the driving device for opening and closing rotary valves such as ball valves and butterfly valves. It’s the ideal device for remote centralized or separate control of industrial automatic pipelines.
The pneumatic actuator can be equipped with the solenoid valve, positioner (span indicator), reply device, filter, pressure reducer, various limit switches and manual devices.

AT series valve pneumatic actuator combined with the latest national and international technology, with the innovative and optimized CAD three-dimensional model design, beautiful and compact appearance as well as modern shape, is manufactured by Shuangheng Valve Co., Ltd.

It adopts new materials and processes, to enable more reliable quality and performance of products; it’s more economical, with various specifications and models; since the product is in complete consistence with international standard technical specifications, it can meet current and future requirements.

①The actuator, with symmetrical double-piston rack and pinion structure design, quick and stable action, high precision and high output power, is capable of reverse rotation through simple change in the installation position of the piston.

② It has long service life and small friction coefficient, with the excellent extruded aluminum alloy cylinder, high-precision processed inner bore and hard anodized (in special situation, anodizing + Teflon coating) outer surface.

③ The integrated design and same cylinders and end caps of different models of single-acting and double-acting actuators enable changing the acting mode simply by assembling springs or disassembling springs.

④ The combined pre-loading safe spring assembly enables convenientand safe installation or reduction of springs in the process of assembly or application.

⑤ The two individual regulating screws fixed on the outer side of the actuator enable more precise and convenient adjustment of the opening or closing position of the valve; if it requires full-stroke adjustment, you need to fix two extra longer regulating screws on its two end caps.

⑥ The multi-function position indicator, with on-site visual instruction, in line with VID/VIE3845 and NAMUR standards, is capable of installing and outputting all accessories, such the limit switch box, electric positioner and position sensor (Pepperl+Fuchs and Turck sensor).

⑦ The gas source interface, which is in compliance with the NRMAR standard, can be directly fixed on the NUMAR standard solenoid valve.

⑧ The composite bushing, piston guiding ring and the bearing of output shaft on the back of the rack can be used for preventing metal-to-metal friction, enhancing lubrication and enabling low friction and long service life.

⑨ All fastening pieces are made of stainless steel, and thus are corrosion-resistant for a long time.

⑩ The connection part is consistent with the latest international standard ISO5211and DIN3337 (F03-F25) specifications, and thus enable interchanging and general installation.

Valve Standard
Design & Manufacturing Standard:API 6D,ASME B16.34,API 608,BS 5351
Face to face:ASME B16.10,API 6D,DIN 3202,BSEN 558
Flange Connection Size:ASME B16.5,BSEN 1092
Testing and inspection: API598,API6D
Valve Material
Normal Size: 1/2”~8”
Pressure rating: 150 LB~900 LB.
Connection: Flange, B-Weld, S-Weld
Materials: WCB, LCB, LCC, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, A105, LF2, F304, F 316, F304L, F316L, F51.
Operation Style: Pneumatic

Technic data for pneumatic actuator
1. Applicable media: clean, dry and non-corrosive compressed air
2. Working gas supply pressure: 0.4-0 .7 MPa
3. Working environment temperature: standard: -20 ℃±80 ℃
                 high temperature: -20 ℃±180 ℃
4. Rotation angle: 90 ° ± 3 °
5. Power supply of the solenoid valve: AC220V or DC24V, with other specifications available according to the user’s need.

The related data of actuators
A) The response time of the actuator is obtained under the following conditions:
(1) at room temperature
(2) (2)900 stroke
(3) the bore of solenoid valve: 4mm; flux: Qn400L/min
(4) the inner diameter of the pipe: 8mm
(5) neutral clean air
(6) air supply pressure 0.6MPa
(7) no-load of the actuator.

Note: In the process of on-site test, if one or more parameters changes, the response time of the actuator will change corresponsively.
B) The supporting value of the single-acting actuator is calculated by 10 springs;
if increase or reduce spring number, you should calculate the increased or reduced supporting value of the actuator by increased or reduced spring number

Selection of the actuator
When selecting the pneumatic actuator, you should add a safe value to the fixed valve torque, with 25% safe value to the steam and non-lubricating liquid media, 30% safe value to non-lubricating paste liquid media; 40% safe value to non-lubricating dry gas media, 60% safe value to non-lubricating powder particle transmitted in gases and 20% safe value to clean lubricating low-friction media (The above safe value is theoretically recommended by our company for reference only.)

Selection examples of double-acting actuators
When controlling a ball valve with the torque of 200Nm, air supply pressure of 0.5Mpa, the medium of non-lubricating steam, you should take an extra 25% safe value into consideration; look up the air supply pressure of 0.5Mpa in the Output Torque Table of Double-Acting Actuator, then select from the vertical line the corresponding or approximate torque, which is 268Nm; select from right to the left the model, which is AT125.

Selection examples of single-acting actuators
When controlling a ball valve with the torque of 100Nm, air supply pressure of 0.5Mpa, the medium of non-lubricating dry gases, you should take an extra 40% safe value, which is 140Nm into consideration; look up the spring resetting terminal in the Output Torque Table of Single-Acting Actuator and select a approximate torque of 148Nm; select from right to the left the terminal torque with the air supply pressure of 0.5Mpa, taking the balance of the air supply pressure torque and spring resetting torque into consideration; then select the model of AT145 and spring number of 9 from right to the left.


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